nhow Berlin Hotel

The nhow Berlin Hotel is the only boutique hotel in Berlin where the underlying theme is music. In fact, nhow Berlin was the first hotel of its kind in Europe, a fun and lively boutique hotel, located on the banks of the River Spree. This is a unique hotel, in a unique building, in a unique location.

The Theme

Music is the language of the nhow Berlin, and the hotel has become the accommodation of choice for everyone from producers to the hottest bands, as well as business-people and leisure travelers who are striving to break the mold of the dull urban hotel. Continuing along the lines of its musical theme, nhow Berlin has an in-house music manager, offers Gibson Guitars and Casio Keyboards via room service, has an acoustically designed event space, and an in-house recording studio.

The Rooms

nhow Berlin is not a small boutique hotel, it has 304 rooms, yet each is designed to be a haven from the hectic city of Berlin. Rooms follow three color schemes, and guests can select the one which appeals most to them – pink, blue and pink, or blue and black, with the majority of rooms offering river views. All rooms are luxuriously furnished, and, in keeping with the musical hotel theme, offer technical equipment, over 100 radio stations, and a high quality sound-system.

The Facilities

nhow Berlin features an in-house restaurant, Fabrics, a lounge-bar, Envy, as well as other features you’d expect of a hotel of its size – a business center, and fitness center. Unique features include two mixing studios, and an in house gallery.

The Location

nhow is located slightly east of the city center, and the majority of Berlin’s boutique hotels, on the banks of the River Spree, not far from the o2 world, and other attractions of this culturally rich area of Berlin.

The nhow Berlin Hotel is the first music themed boutique hotel in Europe, complete with two recording studios. It's not for musicians though, with a stunning riverside location and great facilities.

From 120 Euro a night

Key Info

86% Feedback Score
304 rooms
Two in house recording studios, a gallery, and an spectacular building overlooking the River Spree
Free Wifi
Stralauer Allee 3, Friedrichshain


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