The Collection

These are some of the best boutique hotels in Berlin, all representing high standards and respecting the values that boutique hotels should adhere to in their own unique and interesting ways.


Das Stue Hotel Berlin

From 190 Euro a night

A converted embassy building on the edge of the Tiergarten, Das Stue is a sophisticated luxury boutique hotel, with world-class facilities, and an international feel.

nhow Berlin Hotel

From 120 Euro a night

The nhow Berlin Hotel is the first music themed boutique hotel in Europe, complete with two recording studios. It's not for musicians though, with a stunning riverside location and great facilities.

Dormero Brandenburger Hof Hotel, Berlin

From 140 Euro a night

Small, intimate, and impressively modern, the Brandenburger Hof Hotel is a strong contrast to the stately-esque hotels which comprise the majority of luxury hotels in Berlin.

The Mandala Hotel, Berlin

From 140 Euro a night

A five star luxury boutique hotel in the heart of the City West, The Mandala Hotel, is perfect for those looking for luxury.
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Hotel i31 Berlin

From 100 Euro a night

Hotel i31 Berlin is located in the heart of Mitte, a contemporary boutique hotel whose atmosphere reflects the relaxed ambiance of modern-day Berlin.

The DUDE Berlin

From 130 Euro a night

In the heart of Mitte, The DUDE is a colorful and atmospheric boutique hotel, housed in one of Central Berlin's oldest mansions. Privacy and discretion is at the heart of The DUDE's philosophy.

The Weinmeister Hotel, Berlin

From 110 Euro a night

The Weinmeister Hotel is not a simple hotel to understand. Sophisticated, yet playful, the hotel occupies a metal-clad building in Mitte, which contrasts strongly with its warm interior.

Casa Camper Hotel Berlin

From 150 Euro a night

Casa Camper is and offers a stark contrast to the opulent and lavish designs of many boutique hotels in Berlin, with simple yet functional designs, and a youthful feel.

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